EMR/EHR Integration

Due to MolecuLight’s flexible architecture and adaptability, MolecuLight supports integration with most EMR platforms. This seamless process allows facilities using the MolecuLight i:X device – or using multiple i:X devices in multiple locations – to send patient standard, fluorescence and measurement images directly to the patient record in the EMR over wifi.

All integration is HIPAA compliant with no personal health information saved on the MolecuLight i:X device.

EPIC Integration

Integration of MolecuLight i:X images with the Epic EMR platform provides clinicians with the ability to view and compare fluorescence and measurements of wounds captured at a patient’s previous assessment through the Epic EMR, to better evaluate wound progression and treatment efficacy.

The MolecuLight i:X platform is now available on the Epic App Orchard. The integration of MolecuLight i:X images into existing documentation protocols will provide clinicians with a more complete set of documentation.
Through a simple workflow, MolecuLight standard, fluorescence, and measurement images can be transferred wirelessly to the Epic EMR patient record directly from the MolecuLight i:X device.

Fluorescence images can be used to effectively evaluate and track changes in a wound’s bacterial status over time. This information can help to assess treatment efficacy and inform clinical decision making.

Additional EMR/EHR Platforms

In addition to integrating with the EMR/EHR platforms above, MolecuLight is launching direct integration capabilities between it’s MolecuLight i:X device and several other leading EMR/EHR platforms. By providing additional information about bacterial loads of >104 CFU/g and incorporating these images into the patient’s record, clinicians are provided with a more complete picture to make better informed, actionable decisions and treatment plans.

Contact us to find out about MolecuLight’s integration program to additional platforms.