MolecuLight Press Releases



December 6, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Featured in Vizient Tech Watch as Key Technology for Visualizing Bacterial Burden and Helping to Reduce Surgical Site Infections

November 10, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Featured in 10 Presentations and Posters at the AAWC 2022 Annual Conference

October 13, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

2,000+ Patients’ Worth of New MolecuLight Data to be Presented at the SAWC Fall 2022 Conference

September 29, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Point-of-Care Wound Imaging Devices Awarded Group Purchasing Agreement with AllSpire Health GPO

September 13, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Featured in 8 Presentations and Posters at Wounds Australia 2022 Conference

August 11, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Secures Financing from BDC Canada and iGan Partners to Support its Commercial Expansion

July 13, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

Newly Published RCT Shows MolecuLight Fluorescence Point-of-Care Imaging Improved 12-Week Wound Healing by 204% in Diabetic Foot Ulcers

July 7, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLightDX™ Wins Award as a Top Innovation in Wound Care 2022 From Wound Management & Prevention Journal

June 29, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

FDA 510(k) Clearance Expands Labelling of MolecuLight i:X® to Include the Ability to Identify Regions Containing Elevated Load and More Bacterial Species

June 14, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Awarded Point-of-Care Wound Imaging Devices Agreement with Premier, Inc.

June 1, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Added to the ISWCAP 2022 Consensus Guidelines for Optimising Prevention of Surgical Wound Complications

April 6, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight i:X® Receives Regulatory Clearance and Reimbursement in South Korea – MolecuLight

March 1, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Featured in Unprecedented 32 Presentations and Posters at World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) 2022 Conference

February 24, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

Latest Clinical Evidence Presented at APWCA’s Wound Week™ 2022 Illustrates the Significant Clinical Utility of the MolecuLight Point-of-Care Imaging Platform

January 18, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

New Clinical Study Finds MolecuLight i:X® Point-of-Care Imaging Improved Sensitivity of Detecting Bacterial Burden in Surgical Site Wounds by 11-Fold

January 4, 2022 —PRESS RELEASE

SWK Holdings Provides $10M USD to MolecuLight to Support Global Commercial Expansion


October 28, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Latest Clinical Evidence Presented at SAWC 2021 Illustrates the Significant Clinical Utility of the MolecuLight Point-of-Care Imaging Platform

October 19, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Joerns Healthcare Introduces Point-of-Care Imaging to Wound Care Portfolio Through MolecuLight Partnership

October 14, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Launch of New MolecuLightDX™ Device to Enable Point-of-Care Imaging of Wounds in New Expanding Market Segments

October 12, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Study of 236 patients reveals utility of MolecuLight i:X® in detection and management of wound-related cellulitis

September 23, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight i:X® Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for the Device’s Ability to Detect Wounds Likely to Contain Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA)

July 7, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

In new publication, 96% of clinicians state that treatment plans informed using the MolecuLight procedure led to improved wound healing.

June 22, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Signs LMT Surgical as New Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

May 18, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Novel Technology to Help Improve Wound Care in Canada Enabled Through CAN Health, Sunnybrook and MolecuLight Collaboration

May 6, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Announces Integration of its i:X® Fluorescence Imaging Device with Net Health’s Tissue Analytics API Program

May 4, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for its i:X® Fluorescence Wound Imaging Device

April 8, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Announces the Appointment of 11 Global Distributors

March 9, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight i:X® Platform Available to 650 Long-Term Healthcare Facilities Through Synergy HealthCare Alliance, LLC

March 2, 2021 —PRESS RELEASE

Results Published in Study Show MolecuLight Fluorescence Point-of-Care Imaging Detected Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA) in Wounds with a PPV of 93%


December 10, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

Wound Care Plus, LLC Adopts the MolecuLight i:X® as a Standard Point-of-Care Device for its Wound Care Service Offering to the Long-Term Care and Extended Care Markets

November 25, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

Results Published from 2-Year Study of 229 Wounds Treated in an NHS Clinic Show Fluorescence Point-of-Care Imaging Improved Wound Healing Rates by 23%

September 29, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

Results from 350-Patient FLAAG Trial Show MolecuLight Point-of-Care Imaging Improves Detection of High Bacterial Burden in Wounds Four-fold over Standard of Care Assessment

August 12, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Announces Availability of its MolecuLight i:X® Platform on Epic’s App Orchard

July 31, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

Latest Clinical Evidence Presented at SAWC 2020 Illustrates the Significant Utility of the MolecuLight i:X® for Visualizing Bacteria and Improving Clinical Outcomes

July 16, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Launches the i:X® Telemedicine Solution for Imaging of Bacteria in Wounds

July 9, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Launches i:X® Sterile Surgical Sleeve for Imaging of Bacteria in Wounds in a Surgical Setting

June 15, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight i:X® Platform Available to 9,000 Healthcare Facilities Through MAGNET GROUP GPO

June 11, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Announces CMS has Assigned an APC Reimbursement Code for its MolecuLight i:X® Procedure for Bacterial Imaging using Fluorescence

April 1, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

MolecuLight Announces Industry Partnership and Virtual Exhibit of its MolecuLight i:X® Platform at WoundCon™ 2020, the Largest Conference for Wound Care

March 3, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

First Published Study to Report In Vitro Detection of Fluorescence from Bacteria in Biofilm with Point-of-care Wound Imaging Device

February 20, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

New MolecuLight i:X® Upgrade Enables Faster, More Accurate Digital Wound Measurement

February 13, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

American Medical Association Issues Category lll CPT Codes for Real-time Fluorescence Wound Imaging

February 11, 2020 —PRESS RELEASE

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center Physician First in Ohio to Use Wound Care Imaging Device in Clinical Setting