Training Resources

MolecuLight is empowering wound care clinicians with breakthrough technology. It doesn’t stop there. The secret to embracing the full potential of the MolecuLight i:X and MolecuLightDX is through our world-class training and support. This section provides you with the learning tools to use MolecuLight i:X and MolecuLightDX quickly and accurately. With MolecuLight i:X and MolecuLightDX, today is the day your wound care practice changes.

e-Learning Modules

Access in-depth training courses and certification tests for the MolecuLight i:X Imaging Device, including how to accurately and effectively interpret MolecuLight i:X and MolecuLightDX fluorescence images.

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Training Videos

Learn how to use the MolecuLight i:X Imaging Device with this series of training videos.

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Clinician Presentations

Hear from clinicians using the MolecuLight i:X in this series of presentations and webinars.

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