MolecuLight Launches the i:X® Telemedicine Solution for Imaging of Bacteria in Wounds

New Telemedicine Solution allows the MolecuLight i:X Device to be used at the Bedside

Toronto, CANADA – (July 16, 2020) MolecuLight Inc., the leader in point-of-care fluorescence imaging for real-time detection of bacteria in wounds, announces the launch of its new i:X®Telemedicine Solution. The i:X Telemedicine Solution provides a synchronous link between the patient’s bedside and the remote wound care clinician. With this secure solution, MolecuLight i:X imaging can be performed at any care location for accurate detection of wounds containing bacteria (> 104 CFU/g) and reviewed remotely and in real-time, enabling remote clinicians to obtain objective information on the status of bacterial burden in the wound and provide guidance on patient care.

“Traditional signs and symptoms of infection in wounds can be difficult to identify remotely, and access to expert wound care professional at the bedside is increasingly limited, especially in long-term care facilities and homecare clinics. The challenges of wound care in these settings have been amplified due to the restrictions in place due to COVID-19”, says Anil Amlani, MolecuLight’s CEO. “With the launch of our i:X Telemedicine Solution, MolecuLight offers a solution for real-time diagnostic wound imaging via telemedicine, providing additional, objective evidence to guide patient care and serving as an important link between the patient’s bedside and the remote wound care clinicians.”

The i:X Telemedicine Solution for wound imaging allows for better and more personalized patient care by supporting the following initiatives:

  • Triaging patients in homecare clinics or long-term care centers to expedite intervention by wound care clinicians when concerning bacterial burden is detected in patient wounds. Such triaging also limits visits to wound care centers and hospitals for patients whose wounds are well in control,
  • Helping to monitor patients’ wounds that do not have high bacterial bioburden and therefore may be able to continue remote treatment in their current setting,
  • Remotely monitor the efficacy of treatment plans over the duration of the treatment to ensure the reduction of bacterial bioburden, and
  • Remotely have the wound care professional guide the care provider at the patient bedside on how to best care for and treat the wound.

In addition to this new i:X Telemedicine Solution and the recently-launched i:X Sterile Surgical Sleeve, the MolecuLight i:X procedure also has a new US reimbursement pathway (as of July 1, 2020) that includes two CPT® codes (Category III) for physician work and facility payment for Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) settings through an Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) assignment. These new codes were issued by the AMA and CMS, respectively, after a critical review of the large body of supporting clinical evidence, and with each body recognizing the medical necessity of this procedure.

*CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association


About MolecuLight Inc.

MolecuLight Inc. ( is a privately-owned medical imaging company that has developed and is commercializing its proprietary fluorescent imaging platform technology in multiple clinical markets. MolecuLight’s first commercially released device, the MolecuLight i:X fluorescence imaging system and its accessories are used for the detection of bacteria and digital wound measurement, and to provide a point-of-care handheld diagnostic tool for the global wound care market. The company is also commercializing its unique fluorescence imaging platform technology for other markets with globally relevant, unmet needs including food safety, consumer cosmetics and other key industrial markets.

MolecuLight operates worldwide through its Headquarters, MolecuLight Inc. (Canada), and subsidiaries in various countries including MolecuLight Corp. (USA), MolecuLight GmbH (Germany), MolecuLight France, MolecuLight UK Ltd., MolecuLight Italy S.R.L., and MolecuLight Holland B.V. Each of these entities is supported by local MolecuLight Sales and Clinical Applications teams who provide clinical demonstrations and deliver MolecuLight’s comprehensive training program to support customers andthe ongoing adoption of the i:X device.


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