Measure Wound Size

Improve Measurement Accuracy of Irregular Wound Borders with the MolecuLight i:X™

Image taken in Standard Imaging Mode™ with two MolecuLight WoundStickers

Wound area measurement of clinician traced wound border


Due to this patient’s irregular wound borders, standard wound ruler measurements overestimated the wound area by more than 2-fold (36 cm2 with a wound ruler vs. 15.85 cm2 with the MolecuLight i:X Wound Measurement functionality).

Clinician Testimonial

“The measurement feature will be incredibly helpful in tracking irregular wound borders such as this. For this patient, my ruler measurement is an overestimate. It cannot accurately track border changes over time.”

Wound Etiology
  • Venous leg ulcer
Anatomical Location
  • Left calf
 Patient Demographics
  • Male, 90 years old
 Patient’s General Care 
  • Antimicrobial dressings
  • NPWT
 Clinician Stated Utility of the MolecuLight i:X
  • Measurement and tracking of irregular wound borders that a standard wound ruler would not adequately capture


Images provided by Rose Raizman RN-EC, MSc, Rouge Valley Health System, ON, Canada
MolecuLight Clinical Case 0018.