Utility of Point-of-care Bacterial Imaging DURING COVID-19

Utility of Point-of-care
Bacterial Imaging


During this challenging time of Covid-19, accurate and efficient wound assessment is of the utmost importance. By providing information about concerning levels of bacteria, the MolecuLight i:X may help reduce wound-related ER visits, hospitalization and amputations. The MolecuLight i:X can be used to assist in the triage wound patients in any care setting and prompt early intervention when required to prevent further escalation.

Here are a number of ways MolecuLight can help during and after this global pandemic.

It is more critical than ever to prevent wound complications such as infection which can lead to hospitalizations of wound care patients. Using MolecuLight as diagnostic support, wound care providers can better assess the bacterial burden in the wound with accurate and rapid information. This can lead to appropriate referrals and better treatment of patients, especially those with co-morbidities that may make them more susceptible to Covid-19.

The ability to assess which patients require immediate and aggressive treatment versus those best suited for attentive, remote monitoring can decrease some of the burden on the current health system

In this new age of telemedicine, traditional signs and symptoms of infection may be difficult to determine remotely. Access to expert wound care practitioners may be limited by fewer in-person clinic visits or limited access to long term care facilities.

MolecuLight offers solutions for telemedicine, providing a link between the patient’s bedside and remote wound care providers. Visualization of bacterial burden (>104 CFU/g) using the MolecuLight i:X device can be done at any place of service to improve accuracy of bacterial diagnosis. These images and videos can be viewed remotely to be assessed by offsite clinicians to provide guidance of patient care.

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Fewer in-person clinic visits and increased remote monitoring makes patient compliance to therapy absolutely essential. There is an increased emphasis on patients and care-givers to adhere to treatment protocols and proper cleanse the wound during dressing changes.

Bacterial infection can be a challenging concept for some patients. MolecuLight images can be used to education patients and their care givers about the presence and location of bacteria in a wound. MolecuLight i:X fluorescence images can explain the importance of good wound hygiene and highlight areas to focus cleaning. Empowered with this knowledge, patients can become more invested in their own athome care, better adhering to their prescribed therapies.

The MolecuLight offers important information about bacterial burden in chronic wounds, wherever and whenever it is used. Accurate bedside diagnostics can lead to appropriate choice of therapies and reduce the need for hospital-based wound care. High quality wound hygiene, including guided cleaning and debridement of chronic wounds, is always essential. MolecuLight can assist in evaluating wound cleansing, debridement and wound be preparation, especially for more advanced therapies.

Please note: The MolecuLight i:X is extremely helpful to the wound care clinician during this period of Covid-19 in terms of offering reliable point-of-care diagnostic imaging and feedback on the presence, location and load (>104 CFU/g) of bacteria in wounds. Please note, though, that the i:X is not able to image or diagnose the Covid-19 virus.