Implications of periwound bacterial load on wound hygiene

June 1, 2018 -Fluorescence imaging has been used to visualize red-fluorescing, pathogenic bacteria in the wound bed and periwound area at the bedside using a non-contact, hand-held device. The visualization of bacterial load can be incorporated to optimize wound hygiene by guiding targeted cleansing and debridement. Read More

Improved Wound Cleaning Case Study

April 30, 2018 -Clinical Synopsis

Patient Condition: 56-year-old female who has lymphedema, diabetes, hypertension, and is morbidly obese was admitted to Scarborough & Rouge Hospital presenting with a venous ulcer on her upper medial thigh that was triggered by a small trauma 3 years ago. Prior to incorporating the MolecuLight i:X into the patient’s treatment, many efforts with various dressings and

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