MolecuLight clinical insights from EWMA 2018

May 17, 2018 -


This year, at the EWMA 2018 Conference (Krakow, Poland May 9-11), wound care clinicians form around the world came together to discuss the latest advancements in wound care management. 

There were 12 high level clinical/scientific presentations, where wound care experts exchanged their experiences and knowledge about

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New Publication: Efficacy of an imaging device at identifying the presence of bacteria in wounds at a plastic surgery outpatients clinic

January 15, 2018 -

Read the abstract for the latest publication from Lt Col. Steven Jeffery published this month in the Journal of Wound Care.

ABSTRACT Objective:

Current standard diagnostic practice of bacterial infections by visual inspection under white light is subjective, and microbiological sampling is suboptimal due to high false negative rates and

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New Publication: Predicting the presence of pathogenic bacteria in wounds

August 2, 2017 -

Journal: Journal of Wound Care.
Authors: Monique Y. Rennie, PhD; Liis Lindvere-Teene, MSc; Kim Tapang, MD; Ron Linden, MD
MolecuLight Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada; Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre, Ontario; Wound Care Inc., North York, ON, Canada.


Objective: Bacteria in chronic wounds are invisible to the

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Rose Raizman receives EWMA e-poster prize

May 16, 2017 -

An e-poster by Rose Raizman, RN-EC MSc, featuring the MolecuLight i:X, presented at the recent EWMA conference in Amsterdam, has been selected to receive one of the four e-poster prizes awarded from this year’s meeting. Her study, entitled “Real-time fluorescence imaging of bacteria guides treatment selection and timing of dressing changes

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Improving antimicrobial stewardship practices with the MolecuLight i:X

May 12, 2017 -Antibiotic resistance – an urgent issue of global concern

Antibiotic resistance is an urgent issue of global concern, and this growing epidemic is directly related to the level of antibiotic use. A key contributing factor to antibiotic misuse in patients with wounds is diagnostic uncertainty, i.e. is there a bacterial

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EWMA 2017 update

May 3, 2017 -Change, Opportunities and Challenges – Wound Management in Changing Healthcare Systems

Amsterdam, May  3-6 2017

The theme this year resonated with national healthcare systems in Europe, which are continuously changing, reorganising and adapting to respond to changing demographics and budget restrictions. Technology continues to influence wound care clinicians

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How will fluorescence imaging impact wound care?

April 24, 2017 -New wave of fluorescence imaging technologies may help in managing infection.

Effective wound management is a challenge for healthcare. In Canada, wounds cost $3.9 billion annually (approximately 3% of total healthcare expenditures). Individuals with chronic wounds experience harmful consequences including intractable pain, infectious complications, hospitalization, reduced quality of life, depression,

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The use of MolecuLight i:X in managing burns

April 21, 2017 -Bacterial infections account for 75% of mortalities in severely burned patients.

The Journal of Burn Care Research recently published an article (April 2017) which highlights MolecuLight i:X’s ability to guide swabbing and debridement, locate regions of concern that otherwise would have been overlooked, target treatments more effectively, and prevent unnecessary prescription

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