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Debridement/Wound Hygiene, Chronic Wounds

Key Concepts in Healing Venous Leg Ulcers

MolecuLight imaging is an important tool to help clinicians guide debridement and remove biofilm in venous leg ulcers (VLUs)


VLUs represent 90% of lower extremity ulcers. They affect 1 % of the general population and 2.2% of the Medicare population. That same incidence is seen in Europe where 1 % of the population is affected. The in­cidence is 4 times as high in underdeveloped countries. Recent discoveries have helped better define the chronic nature of venous ulcer pathophysiol­ogy. Applying recently developed key concepts in a venous ulcer treatment plan may bring about improved healing outcomes. Important clinical consid­erations include the effective management of biofilm, control of protease lev­els, and the role of high-density ECM collagen in healing. For the practitioner, having a better understanding of pathophysiology and using a goal-directed treatment plan can be helpful in delivering quality outcomes for patients with VLUs. With the goal of improving outcomes for this patient population, this article provides awareness of key concepts directed at a modern pathophys­iological approach for managing VLUs.