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Species Detected/Biofilm, Chronic Wounds

New Wound Care Tools for Treating Biofilm and Bioburden signal a paradigm shift in Wound Care


1) Explain the current clinical information available with regard to our knowledge on bioburden and biofilm in the wound care arena. 2) Examine the role bioburden and biofilm has on delayed healing in complicated wounds. 3) Introduce the wound care provider to new and innovative wound care technologies used to treat biofilm and bioburden. 4) Understand evidence-based evaluation of emerging technologies to achieve better patient outcomes. As noted, “..novel advancement in wound imaging called the MolecuLight i:X may be able to detect the presence of biofilm bacteria. This hand-held device is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, portable point-of-care fluorescence imaging device. The MolecuLight i:X instantly visualizes potentially harmful bacteria on the wound surface and surrounding tissues not otherwise visible with the naked eye…” 5) Review the latest trends in advanced wound care and ways to implement them into current practice.

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